Who is doTERRA?

If you are new to the world of essential oils, then you may not know who doTERRA is. They are an essential oil company that was founded in 2008 with the mission of sharing safe, therapeutic grade oils with everyone in the world. doTERRA goes above and beyond to make sure that their oils are the safest and purest that they can be; doing multiple more steps during testing and sourcing their resources from locations all over the world where the plants naturally grow. This out sourcing of resources doesn’t mean that the oils are any lesser in quality; on the contrary, they are more so! doTERRA makes sure that even though the sources are coming from other locations, the oils are still the purest that they possibly can be in order to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Such a way of sourcing helps to ensure that we, as consumers, get the best product possible. It also provides jobs for those poorer countries where long days of work typically provide barely enough to care for their families. doTERRA is making a change in the world by using their products to benefit everyone involved! This is a family community that is out to make a difference.

doTERRA literally means “Gift of the Earth” in latin and there is no truer statement when it comes to these oils! Currently, doTERRA offers a great selection of single oils, fantastic blends, and many other products that will make your life more healthy and fulfilled than ever before!

If you want to learn more about doTERRA, feel free to visit their website, where you can learn all about the wonderful things they are accomplishing.