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Determination is Key, But Belief is Beautiful

I am so tired of being indecisive. Every day choices present themselves and I find myself doubting my capability of going down the correct path. What should I eat? Should I try to dress nice? How should my money be distributed this week? Some of these questions are so trivial and unimportant, yet I make a huge deal out of them! There is no reason to doubt myself, so why do I? That question is one that definitely deserves an answer and it may be something that you have been asking yourself.

It may seem as though nothing in your day to day life is in your control. You might be feeling like purpose has escaped you and now you’re just a slave to the routine that’s been set. I know I felt that way! After getting out of school and the whirlwind of getting married settled down, the realization of decision hit me. Was I going to keep being afraid of where I would going to work and how I was going to provide for myself? Or was I going to believe that I was fully capable of stepping outside my comfort zone and doing something amazing?

I made the decision to join DoTerra for two reasons.

The first of which being, I love their products. They help me to sleep, focus, and think consciously about my emotions. On top of that, they help me to cut out a few items in my life that I honestly can do without, such as chemical household cleaners.

The second reason is because I want to help provide for my family by doing something that I love. Helping people is a task that has always had a special place in my heart. I know the struggle of heartache, and aromatherapy is such a blessing when it comes to easing pain.  Through managing my own company, I have the freedom to help others and myself both financially and emotionally. That is a gift that I am so grateful for!

Yes, the decision was difficult. Yes, I have to make sacrifices. But, through determination I was able to find the strength to believe in myself; which is the most beautiful choice I have ever made.


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