Fix It Friday, Oil of the Week

Fix It Friday: Grief

The feeling of loss rushes through you like a raging river. The white rapids of pain pound against your heart, and it can be difficult to struggle up to the service of normality again. Thankfully, when God created us, He knew that we would need something to lift our spirits and calm the rivers that rage through our lives. That is why we have the gift of essential oils. Through the amazing gift of plants, we can heal and grow to become a better person; one who is whole and happy.

While there are many great oils for dealing with sorrow and grief, here are three just to get you started.


From what we already know of this oil, it possesses a warm floral scent. Geranium has been known to help improve mental function and lift disheartened spirits. Diffusing this oil in your home or creating a combination with the next two oils for a bath would be perfect for soothing feelings of grief.


A classic oil that is well-known for its calming properties, Lavender oil is perfect for soothing stress and anxiety. Such feelings are common when a loved one is taken away from you. Using this oil to aid the coming of sleep and calm raging emotions.


Stress and sadness tend to make thoughts run a marathon. Constant negative thoughts take a toll upon the body and only further stresses a grieving heart. Using Vetiver oil will help to calm the central nervous system and ease those raging thoughts into peaceful silence.

No matter how strong the grief may be, know that there is always help available through family and friends. Oils are one way to help cope with the pain, but never fully rely on them to fix the problem. Time and love will fix all, so never forget to reach out to those you care about often throughout your day.




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