Natural Perfume: Geranium (Rose Bliss)

Simple Perfume Base

1 tsp. pure grain or perfumer’s alcohol OR 1 tsp. jojoba oil

15 drops Essential Oil (See suggested blend below)

Mix the essential oil drops into the pure grain alcohol or perfumer’s alcohol and put into a small glass spray bottle. As another option, you can mix the drops into jojoba oil in a small roller bottle for an alcohol-free perfume.

Apply to wrists, neck, or other desired points on the body and enjoy!

(Tip: combine alcohol base with 2 tsp. of water for a lighter aroma, or 2 oz. water for a room/body spray)

Ingredients for Perfume

6 drops of Rose

3 drops of Geranium

3 drops of Sandalwood

2 drops of Lemon

1 drop of Coriander


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