Introduction to Essential Oils

When I first heard of essential oils, obviously I was a bit skeptical. How could something that came from a plant really truly help me get over something like a headache or prevent a cold? Not only did it seem far fetched, but it also seemed so impractical! I’d have to make a bunch of concoctions just to see any kind of minor improvement? No thanks. But, as I slowly began to read and research about what makes these oils so special, I began to realize that they were so much more than just a fictitious cure all; they were a true gift.
For the longest time I have been struggling with motivation to stay healthy, and that in turn has seriously affected my mental health. I won’t go into great detail, as the story is quite long, but similar to a lot of people in this world I have struggled with severe depression for several years in the past and still continue to struggle with anxiety. Now, when you have negative thoughts about your body, those thoughts tend to make you feel as though you aren’t worth a grain of salt; and there can be a lasting mental fatigue that occurs. Motivation is no longer present and life begins to fade into a dull blur of black and white. But this doesn’t have to be the case forever! Finding something to be passionate about, something that is truly beneficial to your overall wellbeing, is an extremely exciting thing!
This passion that I have recently discovered is that of essential oils; specifically doTERRA essential oils. Allow me to explain, just briefly, what an essential oil is. These products of the earth are pure liquid extracts that are taken from plants through the process of steam-release or cold press. Each of them have unique therapeutic properties that can support wellness and soothe all kinds of concerns, from physical to mental. A few reasons to love them are, 1) they can be a natural option to chemical products, 2) a great solution for staying well right from home, and 3) each drop of oil literally cost only pennies to use. I am slowly growing my mental library about each of these oils and the benefits that they can provide for me. They have helped me stay calm in stressful situations and have even soothed my upset stomach. With each new discovery, I am more and more thankful for the gift of doTERRA.
What a blessing it is to use the natural gifts that we have been given to take care of our bodies. I truly hope that you will join me here in the future to learn more about the wonderful benefits these oils can provide you and your family. Not only have they opened my eyes to a new way of taking care of my physical health, but they have also presented me a mental calmness that I am forever thankful for.

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